Woke first about 5:30. Bathed + washed my hair at 6:30. George over at 7:00. Dick up after several false starts at 7:40 + they took off soon after. I wore wig + brown knit suit. took white raincoat. Left house at 8:30. Fairly long time checking in so got right on plane. Read “Search for the Girl with Blue eyes” by Jess Stearn. A case of reincarnation in Canada. fascinating. Picked up a mustang from Hertz. Drove to the bank + deposited my “Green Acres” check. Went to the office. Saw Dorothy – Leon + I went to Desilu Gower to see a James Parker. Three young men in the room with beards, long hair, sideburns + beads etc A little startling but they were very funny nice guys. Interview brief + it will be a real mix ‘n’ match deal. Two sets of parents. We ran into Jimmy Merrick after + we chatted briefly and Irving Lande. We had lunch at Frascati’s on the strip. Really heavenly warm weather. Back to the office + ran into Buck Holland who said he could still get the stuff for Dick – I liked him alot. Called Bob Van Scoyk + chatted with him Called Carolyn Brown but talked with Bill instead who didn’t know the current stove situation. Leon gave me 2 bottles of wine + a lovely collage by Steven Longstreet. I drove him to Turners but had to leave as time was fast slipping. Returned the car + called Pat Van Scoyk at the airport. No time to talk. Plane left at 4. Read more, had a bloody Mary + was back at the house by 5 o’clock. Exhausted. Dick hungover so not too gay at first + I got a little tearful. But he went out + got some steak + we had it with french fries and things got better + better. Glad to be home. Leons great remark – After some coup, he went out to the studio and “they threw the red carpet in my face.”