Dick off early to work on the house – a really lovely day when he + George could have worked but WMK closed. I spent the day doing little things. Caught up some on diary. Paid some bills. Returned title to Sheldon A., wrote Auto Club, filled out questionnaire, paid mortgage + sent Green Acres commission to Leon. Called Mary Hanssee of Catholic Welfare to discuss adoption requirements. Main stumbling block seems to be the necessity of “having a religion” – must have letter from minister. I cleaned house, washed alot of clothes – Designed a saw square – Jan Goldsmith called to say Jim was in hospital + I sent flowers to him + Betty Gardener. Ed Demaney of La Concha called for Dick very anxious to talk to him. I made a tentative appt. for him at 3 o’clock + then drove to Bonita. Jack + George there + Buck White. Dick drinking wine. I went grocery shopping + came home. Got a call from Klas-TV with an appt for the TV children’s show on Friday. Dick home about 4:30 and pretty smashed. It was depressing as hell to me as there doesn’t seem any end to it. When I join in it’s alot worse but it gets a little solitary when I don’t. We read for a while and then Leon called with an appt. for tomorrow for 12 noon. Part of a mother on a TV pilot. He felt I ought to come. I said I’d call him back. Discussed it after a fashion with Dick who said I should + made reservations for plane and car Called Leon to say I’d be in. Dick napped. I called Pat Robeson + Irene + left a message for Ken Zinck whom I’d asked to call me tomorrow. We had ham for dinner, watched a little TV Then took a miltown + went to bed. I’d made reservations to come back tomorrow afternoon. Dick said at one point I was treating him like a cripple. I wonder if that is true and if it is how do we work our way out of it? Because it can’t come only from me.