Woke about 4 am with throbbing nose. Really painful. We put ice on it + Dick brought me nice cold things to eat + drink. I really bashed myself. Dick’s hand swollen from where Humbug bit him + Humbug’s eye bloodshot from where Dick hit him. A houseful of wounded. I was suppose to go to G.M’s today to meet Pat + didn’t. Am too utterly chicken + my nose was a sight. (to me at least.) Dick saw an ad in the paper for a “Kindergarten teacher for childrens’ TV show. Must be college grad.” I called + was told I had to be between the ages of 22 and 30. I said I was 35. (lie) Sent picture + resume in with note stating I felt my other qualifications might offset my senility! Pat called + we made date to meet on Bonita. Dicks truck not ready so we were late getting there but Pat waiting. Dick off to pick up materials + Pat + I went shopping. Back at 3:30 in time to see Jack who came in to work on doorbell. Dick back at 4:30 + we went over to Superior tile and then to Frank’s for a drink + to play the slot machines. Eliot Thomson in + said Ken Zinc wanted to meet me. I said it was mutual + Eliot called him + we chatted – told him to call Wednesday We went to our Stop’n’Go Market which had finally opened + bought a few odds + ends. Home + had TV dinners. We called the Catholic Welfare today about adopting a baby. Dick had called Walt Jenkins last night + they called this evening with some information + invited us to dinner next Tuesday. We watched TV + went to bed about 11 o’clock.