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Hungover. Went to Bonita. Dick + George + Jack there. I took a pot full of coffee but joined them in Cold Duck instead. They sent me out for some more + some sandwiches + as I drew back up I saw Jessie Emmett’s realty office car parked in front. Jack came running out – obviously sent to head me off so I made myself very unobtrusive in the garage. After the prospective buyers left (+ Dick felt they were enthusiastic) we sat around + drank Cold Duck + called it a day. A bad one, too, as they had to cut through the drywall from the dining area to the Master shower to locate new disturbances. Oh dear. We went to the Valley Bar + then took 4 bottles of Cold Duck over to J + J’s – finished it + came home. Didn’t eat. Fixed nightcaps. I banged my nose on the cupboard under the guestroom sink + brought forth an incredible torrent of blood. No stopping it. Scared Dick. Humbug later bit Dick when he tried to put him out. He bit him hard + Dick in turn hit him hard. Luckily I was a little too out of it all to be too involved. On second thought – luckily is the wrong word. If I hadn’t been tight it might not have happened. We talked seriously about adopting a baby. I think we both need the responsibility of someone to care for + think of besides ourselves. We both feel that way and I don’t seem to be getting pregnant so we might as well go ahead before it’s too late.