Another rainy bleak windy day – Dick + George haven’t been able to pour all week. We stayed in bed late which I guess we both needed. Then went to the Broadway and bought some Christmas cards. The place jammed. We had lunch at the Hartford House or Harvest or something. and then went over to B.Daltons to look at their bargain books. Just Great. – No great selection like Pickwicks but some beautiful books. Bought a Lincoln book + a Matthew Brady for Daddy and 4 [crossed out word] copies of “Pulitzer Prize Plays 1917-1967” and two copies of “Pooh Perplex” and a book on Sherlock Holmes. After we left I realized there was a book on old ads that would be perfect for Les but Dick had had enough + we went home. Read for a while. Hysterical letter from David Cleveland – really funny. We had a nice dinner, watched “The Virginian” + then went to the University to see “You know I can’t hear you when the water’s running.” by Robert Anderson. It was so funny I couldn’t believe it and really well done. Laughed + Laughed. Excellent actress named Wanda Thompson. Saw Jerry Crawford + introduced him to Dick. Irene + Jean Griggs + Jim there. Lovely evening. We could use so many more like it. Home + Happily to bed.