Paid bills in the morning – Then went to Bonita to paint. Buck White came about the driveway + is going to start grading Saturday. Dick came over from his job to see him. I kept waiting for Olsen Glass who never showed. Finally went to get something to eat + some cigarettes and a detective story. Came back + the guy was putting in the new pane. My presence unneeded the whole time! I read the detective story + then went to Nevada Power + opened an acct for Bonita. Went to the B’way + looked around a little but didn’t buy anything. A sale on + the crowd was too overpowering. Safeway + home. The bank didn’t call today. Dick finally called them (a Tom Sawyer!) who checked + said unofficially it looked as though we could get a $34,500 financing (which meant the appraisal came to about $44,500). Won’t be definite til tomorrow. Jan + Jim Goldsmith called + invited us to “Bottoms Up” at Caesar’s palace 2 weeks from last Sunday. (a week from next) (?) Liza called and she is going to have twins!!!! Is so excited and so am I for her. I got Aley’s address from her as I think I ought to write a sympathy note about her Mother. Am so horribly behind with everything.