We were up around 10:30 or so. A lady from First Western called about having the house appraised. I hoped Dick would put it off til the end of the week but he made an appt for 2 this afternoon. I wanted to get my check from Chem. N.Y. cashed + credited to my acct so asked Dick to go in with me + introduce me to Jim Schaeffer The Bank President. Dick a little reluctant but then Jim S. was so flattering in his immediate acceptance of my check (“I know this guy for a long time and if he were going to stick me he wouldn’t do it for only 5 G’s.”) that Dick was very set up. We went to Wonderworld for some odds + ends + then to Bonita. We needed some things back at the house so decided to take advantage of the return to make love. Dick had warned me not to say anything when the appraiser came + it was funny because he came + went in 5 minutes without a comment. We waited til 4 for Olsen Glass + Richardson – neither of whom showed. Came home + made calls – the Bank will have the appraisal tomorrow or the next day. Wendy called about possibility of Denny driving for WMK and Dick called Morey Finch to recommend him. Did put his neck out + I hope it works out. Went to J + J’s to borrow some brown sugar. Had a drink with them + came home + had ham. Eva + Walt called – everybody happy about party. Seems rather dimly remembered to me now. Went to bed early.