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George called early + Leo – Bad day so Dick decided not to work Went back to sleep + I couldn’t get him up to take June to the airport. I drove her + didn’t get out. Felt as though she’d been rather cavalierly treated. Came home + went back to bed at Dick’s request (not that I wasn’t tired.) So much happening lately that my mind was very far from making love. But when Dick asked me what I was thinking of rather than go into the past two nights I said – “Oh of picking up the dogs + getting the place cleaned up + all that!” Big mistake. Dick got up + left the house while I was fixing some bacon. Said he was going to “get your goddamned dogs.” I washed all the dishes and I did some laundry and changed the beds and cleaned things up About 4 o’clock I called George + found that Dick had called to see if he had the key to the house on Bonita – he was going to spend the night there. I didn’t know what to do – I was afraid if I went to find him I’d make him angrier. I waited until about 5:20 + then called Jack + Joyce + asked if I could come over. I left a note here for Dick + went over + explained the situation. Dick is so dangerous to himself in these moods + drinks. Jack said he’d go look for him which was what I wanted as Jack can usually manage Dick. I went home. At 7:30 Joyce called to say Jack had found Dick, they were at Lou Manchon’s + would be back soon. At 8:30 Jack came by himself + said Dick wouldn’t come home + had gone to the house on Bonita. Jack suggested I take a couple of stiff drinks + go to sleep. I couldn’t even eat let alone drink. Sat + knitted + watched TV. At midnight lay down on the couch. At 4:30 Dick came home. He was half frozen I made some warm ovaltine for both of us and we went to bed.