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Awoke at J + J’s – Dick called shortly after I woke + then came + got me. Wouldn’t come into the house with me but drove on to Frank’s. June had suggested where to find me! She + I went to the International for breakfast about 11:00. I called Dick at Frank’s but he wanted “to Think.” June left a message for Don Ho at the Internat’l but never got through. First time I’d been there and it’s impressive. Then I took her to Circus Circus. It’s one of those places I feel really has to be seen. We stopped at the Safeway + got a few groceries + came home Dick asleep in his arm chair. I’d talked to him from the Internat’l so knew where he was. I got him to lie down in the bedroom. June + I talked for a while about Danny’s death and then lay down too for a nap. I heard Jack + Joyce stop by to say goodbye + got dressed + came out. Finally managed to get Dick up + after a shower he was in remarkably good shape. We all had a drink + were just about to leave for the airport when Carl + Marsha arrived. We left + checked in + Dick bought us a drink. Then went to the plane which was 40 minutes late. Called the house to tell everyone not to wait + June bought a drink. Went to plane which had left! Not announced. Grand. Couldn’t get June out tonight. Went to a charming little French restaurant called The Bistro + had a delicious dinner. Dick suddenly drunk again + wanted to back the owner – a nice young French woman who’s having a rough time of it. I told her in French that he’d had too much to drink + didn’t really mean it – couldn’t at the moment. We came home – Dick annoyed with me He went to bed + June + I talked for a while over a nightcap and I started in on the party dishes