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Woke around noon – Dick + June both up – though recently. We sat + had coffee + rehashed the party. June now dreading 2 o’clock date with Brownie. We were going to take all the dishes over to J + J’s to put in the machine but got sidetracked. I saw Ed Kulick out side his house + went over + got him + Casey + dragged them back. Dick poured some bloody Mary’s + that was that. J + J came over soon + Brownie who’s got to be the biggest Dud of them all came over too. Casey kept murmuring plaintively that she wanted to go home (after 4 straight bourbons) + Dick said shut up + I said she had to makeup for 3 months of not bringing me a plate of cookies! Very funny gay afternoon – The man came to pick up the bar + we pressed him to join the party. Ed + Casey left around 6:30 after dancing + cavorting around + then we decided to go out for dinner. Definite damper now in the shape of Brownie. Went to Wine Cellar – closed. Went to Mexican place + Dick picked up the tab. That being the case I felt Brownie could have stopped whining about the service. He left us after dinner – 10:30 or so + we went to Frank’s bar for a drink. Gave Jerry a hard time for not coming to the party. I had a $100 check in my pocket from yesterday when the bank was closed + wanted to go to the Hacienda – $20.00 each. Dumb, Dumb me. Went + Dick got angry + left. I found J + J. + June + then Dick came back. Insisted on driving + oh dear- oh dear. Home. June to bed. Dick + I had bad fight with blows exchanged. I walked over to J + J’s – only found the place thanks to the dog –