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Up fairly early. about 8. Dick slept a bit longer which he needed. Wendy over around 10. Hungover. We rolled meatballs most of the morning. Dick got the mix + chips etc and the bar. June Meheula called to say she’d be in at 2:50. Denny Anika brought little Christy over + I took her shopping with me at Hallmarks for plates + cups + napkins + some decorations. She’s an awfully cute child. We picked up June at the Airport + she was hungover. Mayor Gragson had called for no trick or treating because of possible racial disturbances. Alot of rumor rampant + it was all just that Rumor + badly handled. Wendy left with Dick + Christy at 4:00. June helped a little with decorations. Dick brought us spare ribs to eat + we watched the news. Ralph who was bartender arrived about 7:10. We all bathed + dressed + I put on my wig. First guest Jim Daniels + we went on from there. Had left the dogs in the kennel. About 75 people as far as we could figure. Malcom Brown + wife Lucille showed up as did almost every one on our list and a few who weren’t. Dick had to go out for more booze. Mario played the spoons. We finally met the Kubicks + Betty Isom (Mr. away hunting) Jerry Douzat drunk + doing routines. Leo came with a party of five. June spent alot of time with Brownie. Made date to go flying. Pat + Jim + Judy + Larry Massoli got on like a house on fire. Speaking of which several new burns on rug but not too bad. Last guests left about 3 or 4. Gets a little vague all meatballs gone – Bed – great party.