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Up + called Rm Service for breakfast. Eyedrops + facial mask + washed hair. Dick a little cranky Got to the studio in plenty of time. The wig a great success. Wore new orange dress which was my favorite anyway. Nice girl playing the other secretary. Her first “acting” part – all mildly depressing but I had a good time. Dear prop man – Bob McLaughlin. Camera man Dave – Makeup Gene. Wasn’t through til 3:30. Saw Caro Jones who won’t ever use me for anything – that was my impression – the 2 lines were a sop to Leon! Took a cab back to the hotel. Cute young driver – faintly hippie who kept saying “that’s wild” re the studio, my being in theatrical makeup etc. Dick had gone out to U.I. with Leon today to lunch + all over. We napped, made love + went to Leons for a snack before catching our 8:30 plane which was an hour late. Hated to leave Leon tonight he seemed more vulnerable than usual. Also we’d crowded too much into too little time. Got into Vegas at 10:30 + went to the Safeway. Saw Elliot as we shopped for the party. Bought all the meatball + salad ingredients + bread etc. Left the mix + chips for tomorrow. Home by 11:30. Had a nightcap + went to bed.