Modeled my new dresses + wig for Dick + put aside clothes to take to L.A. All my old ones don’t fit anymore! Wendy over at 11 o’clock. I went to pay at Gloria Marshall’s + invited Judy + her husband to the party. Cashed a check at the bank + bought some groceries. Home. Finished putting away books + moving cartons into closet. Dick back + took down the doors of the closet. Started putting the contact paper on them. We had chow mien for lunch. Dick had ovaltine but though shaky had nothing to drink By the time Wendy left, we had the doors finished + the house in pretty good shape. Then Dick + I moved the furniture back [crossed out word] from the garage – Desks + file cabinets. Had light dinner, made about 10 more calls about the party + went to bed a little after 10 o’clock. So much to do still – but, guess it can all get done. It has to. We’re taking the dogs to Pet Town until [crossed out word] Saturday morning. Dear letter from Margie – note from Timmy + Rich Ware’s address from Daddy. And a few bills.