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Up early + a little ill. Called G.M’s to say I was going to L.A. + wouldn’t be in for a week. Was told by Lorraine if so, I would have to come in + be “re-evaluated.” Made my day. Met Pat Robeson + her brother Jim at Bob’s big boy for breakfast. Pat came with me to the B’way to find a wig and I picked up a great one for $47. Then I went to Silverwood’s + got two lovely dresses. Also at B’way a “5 lbs thinner girdle.” Wore wig to Bonita to surprise Dick but surprised Leo instead – who didn’t recognize me. Took laundry + cleaning + bought a lovely roast for dinner. Came home at 2:30. Dick out on the couch. I moved all the rest of the cartons in from the garage. Did 3 loads of laundry. Watered the lawn etc. etc. Put the roast in at 5:30 – Dick awoke about 6:15. Wanted to go get a haircut. I asked him to wait til dinner was over but he felt like “a bowery bum” so I put it all on hold + off he went. Came back at 8:30 unshorn and very drunk. I was very angry. However I’d almost finished unpacking the books + had read the script for Green Acres etc. After dinner Dick went to bed + I read + knitted until about 10:30. Letter from Liza who just may be going to have twins!! Her Mother died a few weeks ago. Sad. But she’d been paralyzed + had 2 strokes since the accident so I guess it was better.