Daylight saving over.

Woke about ten. Dick not here. Jack brought him home around noon. Had gone to the house + then to Frank’s + the Valley Bar. Oh dear. Much the worse for wear. He heated up some beef + sweet potatos [potatoes] + then Joyce came over for Jack. Dick went to sleep for a little and then had a huge breakfast + dozed off again. I hid every drop of booze in the house. I brought in 3 more cartons of books + put away about 7 boxes full. There are only 5 or 6 cartons left. We called Bill Tregoe + he’s fairly pleased with the show. Has only had 9 rehearsals. Gave me Dick Kneeland’s new address. I cleaned up the kitchen + pottered about. We went out to dinner to the Copper Cart and for me personally it was a huge disappointment. Stupid of me though for ordering a mai-tai in a steak house and a tournedos. Dick’s beef looked okay. We went to Frank’s after + then the Hacienda where I cashed $300 in 2 checks. Then to Frank’s again + the Aladdin where I cashed another $200. Dick got lucky + we bought back all the checks. Home at 1:30 with about $15 between us but no checks out. Dick lost about 200 I guess but my God it could have been worse. “New era” begins tomorrow???