Dick off early to meet Jack + George on Bonita. I didn’t wake until about 11:30. Called Joyce to thank her. Paul called to say he was finishing the film + what credit did I want. We decided on “Angel” but I told him to tell anyone who asked I was unavailable! I moved all the paperbacks to the top shelves and brought in about 6 more cartons. I wrote Julia Mullen + asked her for $5,000. To cover 3,000 or so for Dick, my taxes + a new oven etc. Called Leon + I’m getting $250.00 for the 2 lines. Caro in a bit of trouble over it + I don’t wonder. Dick home about 4 o’clock had finished the plumbing. George + Jack had helped + it turned out to be fairly simple + he was so delighted he’d taken them to the Valley Bar. After a while I had some drinks too to catch up and we got telephonitis + called everyone. Druscilla + Millie + June Meheula who’d written a dear note. We asked her to come for the weekend of the party. We called Bill about the play but talked with Jack Welles instead. Dick’s going to L.A. with me on Weds. + we’re going to see the show. We invited alot of people here to our party + then called Izzy and finally Annie. By then it was late. Bed. We also called Cassie + Mom Michels.