Went to Gloria’s and was measured. Lost 5″ and 3 1/2 lbs. Have now been sentenced to 25 minutes on the bicycle. A little more than seems possible. Pat Robeson there but had to go to lawyers after so couldn’t have coffee. I picked up some nose spray for Dick and some stuff for the library doors and then did some shopping – Home at 10:45. Went straight to work on staining. Dick home at 1:00 + I made hamburgers. He went to get a dolly for us + the TV repair man came + fixed the color set for channel 8. I went back to staining and Dick fixed the leaky valve out front. Also cleaned up the front. Whee. At 5:45 I’d finished the top 8 cases and one set of shelves. Should be able to finish the rest tomorrow The second coat really looks great. We had ham for dinner. Mary + Les called to say they couldn’t come this weekend – it had all fallen through. I was sorry but it’s taken a little of the “library” pressure off. We watched TV + went to bed. knitted another square. 21 to go. Want to finish soon.