Rain today – George over + he + Dick finished the bookcases. I called + made a hair appt with a Kim Taylor at Darrell’s south. Was not overjoyed with the results but after combing + teasing + re-arranging decided I’d had a lot worse and it’s certainly an improvement over the recent straggle. Went to Wonder World to buy a dolly but couldn’t find one. Came home + started staining. That was supposed to be my job but Dick was off + so he did a great deal of it. By 6 o’clock or so the entire business had had it’s first coat. Don’t think there will be much need of sanding before the 2nd coat. I’ll put that on tomorrow + then, God willing, I can start with the books on Thursday. We had TV dinners +, appropriately enough, watched TV. Pat Robeson called to see what happened to me on Monday. (Had decided I was either hungover or had gained weight!!) Asked her for coffee here tomorrow. Leon called tonight at 10 o’clock. Says there are a few things in the offing. How I hope so. But first want to get our library in order – and then the party! I knitted 2 more squares – 22 to go.