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Up at 7 – coffee – made love – made breakfast. Sent a telegram to David Cleveland at Holderness wishing him happy birthday + saying gift on way. Went to Gloria Marshall’s. Jo Bailey not there so right after went over to Hunsaker’s [crossed out writing] picked up 50 lbs of hen scratch, got groceries + came home. George here helping Dick. I fixed grilled bacon cheese + tomato open sandwiches for lunch. Wrote b’day card with $15 ($5 for new school) to David. Paid Equity dues, United fund, Academy Players Directory and Alaria taxes – $405.76. About half of what I’d expected. Went to house on Bonita for stain. Turned out to be Mahogany. Went to Sears, Von Tobels + Wonder World. Only place that carries Deer-O paint is Wallers + they’re closed til Monday. Cashed check + came home. George left about 4:30. Dick went over to the Valley bar for a few drinks and I wrote in diary + checked birthday list for the Enelow Children + discovered today is Larry Cleveland’s birthday + David’s isn’t until the 29th!! Talk about feeling idiotic! I called Barnview + got Lincoln who thought it was funny + said he’d tell Dave I called. I smelled something burning + found I’d put my tea water on a front burner + lit a back burner. The egg poacher was a little molten heap in the back. Good Lord. I tried to call Larry + then after 4 busy signals discovered I’d dialed the wrong number. Dick home about that time + fixed me a drink. I did get Larry + over explained which made everything a trifle worse. Funny chat though with Anne. Dick did a little more work in the library + I wrote Timmy + asked him for Thanksgiving, sent for Dick’s slacks + wrote a B’day card to Larry with $10 in it Fixed veal parmiagian for dinner + we ate + watched TV – Dick went to sleep about the middle of “Horatio Hornblower” which he’d insisted on staying up to see. When it was over I fed him + got him to bed. I finished all my squares + have about 24 to 90.