Woke today with the feeling I’d missed somebody’s birthday. Checked the list and it’s David’s birthday tomorrow! Called New London + got his address from Doris – also Anthony’s. Lincoln’s president of his class this year. I changed the sheets + went to Gloria Marshall’s. Pat Robeson’s birthday today + I treated her to a fast coffee afterward, then went shopping – groceries etc. and wool and greeting cards and sandpaper. Safeway, Sprouse-Reitz- Drug store, Wonderworld for Kingsize sheets. Wendy here + well along by the time I got back. She had really liked “Oliver” + just  flipped over the book cases. I think that’s one of the things I like the most about Wendy – her genuine enthusiasm. I fixed lunch and then I started staining the shelves. Slow work as the unfinished wood drinks up the stain. Luckily it wipes off the paneling which makes the job easier. I got 4 bottom cases with a single shelf each done. Drove Wendy home after writing quick not to Jim Moore with check. Dick went to Waller’s for the rest of the lumber. George coming over to help again tomorrow. They finished the big pool on 5 penny lane today. I had a letter from Carolyn Brown today + the stove still not fixed. I called Jim Brown at his office + told him first to try a new timer + then to [crossed out word] get a new stove. Letter from Daddy saying he was going to N.Y. at [crossed out letters] Thanksgiving – could we come at Christmas – Letter from Timmy who wants to come later – Guess it will all work out. Fixed ham and turnip greens etc. for nice dinner. Watched TV + went to bed.