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The Mets won Series score 2-1 now!

Windy day – or so it seemed. So Dick + George decided not to pour. We went to Waller Lumber (after I’d called in again at Gloria Marshall’s) We bought angle braces – hollow wall anchor molly screws, wood screws, corrugated fasteners, finishing nails + 3 sheets of plywood which we had them cut for us. Came home + went to bed. Made love, slept, made love + then about noon staggered up + had a little lunch then went to work. We finished the whole bottom part about 6 o’clock. I have a feeling I make Dick nervous but he doesn’t like to work by himself either. We watched some TV + once again had TV dinners. I’m so happy we’re working on the shelves – The only trouble is I don’t seem to manage to get one other single thing done + the house is a mess. Bed unmade, dishes piled up – laundry here + there + saw dust everywhere. The sprinklers all springing leaks too so I doubt if our lawn will ever come up. Oh dear + why aren’t there 45 hours per day?

Mary called – she + Les coming to Las Vegas the weekend after this coming one. He’s gone back into Advertising + they were “legally” married in the U.S. a couple of weeks ago. I said I’d let her know if we’d be here – We’d been thinking of an L.A. trip for Bill’s opening.