Didn’t feel too great – hungover + cold in full force. Called Gloria’s + said I was sick. Read a little, And then started calling advertising Agencies + getting the name of their casting people. Odd how uneasy I felt. Just as if they knew that it was me calling on my behalf. Called about 15 places + got about 7 names. A start. Dick home around 3 and we started on the book cases. First had to get a new blade as the arbor didn’t fit. Or so it seemed. But after we’d been to Wonder World, then Sears + finally Von Tobels, where they took a saw apart for us – it seemed we’d made a mistake. Dick got down a base about 3″ high and started on some “horses” but we decided to call it quits about 8:30. I’m just so glad it’s started I can’t see straight. Letter from Leon filled with blue chip stamps + a list of L.A. advertising agencies??? I called Jo Bailey to say I was pretty contagious + didn’t feel I ought to take my germs into the 3rd grade. She’s reading The Lion is Busy aloud –