Dick off at about 8:30 or 9 to go to the house on Bonita with Jack to do the sheet rock + ground the hot water heater. I felt lousy and slept another hour or so and then finished “Airport” by Arthur Haley and watched the 2nd Series game – a squeaker but the mets won it 2-1. Dick was home at 3 – disgruntled – everything had taken longer. I gave him a shave + we lay down in the den to read for a bit when suddenly Jack Underwood appeared. I’d thought he was going to call to confirm whether or not he could come to dinner! I rushed out to the store + bought a Roast and some odds + ends. Came home + put the roast in + fixed dinner + cleaned up the kitchen. It was a pleasant evening and I called it to a halt about 9:30 as Dick was nodding and I felt we ought to start recovering. Watched a little TV + read a little. Then Bed.