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Dick off early – Came back with 8 sheets of fir plywood plus stain. We unloaded them in the garage. I’d watched part (the last) of the Mets-Orioles game. Orioles won – 4-1. We went over to J + J’s again – + Jack had driven Rusty to the City Dump + abandoned him. I didn’t say anything to them but I really thought it was an awful thing to do. Joyce had gotten an odd letter from Danny. We came home – drunk again about 7 o’clock. We made TV dinners + then went to the Aladdin to gamble. We were both ahead right after we got there. Dick had won $500 and I was ahead by almost a hundred but we didn’t have the sense to leave and as usual came home broke.

I went to Gloria Marshall’s today at 9 + then had coffee with Pat + Jo Ann Bailey. I’d taken a copy of the Lion Is Busy to Jo to possibly read aloud in her class. She invited me on Tuesday to watch the kids put on a play. Will try to get there.