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I went to G.M’s at 8:30 – Too early to have coffee with Pat. Went to the Safeway + got hamburgers + pepsi for Dick, George + Leo. Went out to the job on Five Pennies Lane. They’re really doing beautiful work. Met a guy named Benny O’Bannion who suggested I write letters with Pictures + resume’s to all the ad agencies here in town + then have Leon sign them + mail them from Los Angeles. Makes very good sense. Came home + called Dorothy who said she’d mail out some office stationery immediately. Wendy here + had gotten a good start without me to bog her down. I finally finished the back door, Isabell called (she’s now Isabel G. Sanford!) and Sanford’s bail was reduced to $650. She asked for the other $250 which I stuck in an envelope to mail. We talked a bit about the boys – Acting? for Sanford? I’d called Bill Staples cabinet shop about the book shelves + he came over around 5:30. Estimate $730 + can’t start it for at least 4 weeks. I was very upset + cried after he’d gone. Dick was already mad at me so my despair was complete – if short lived – we went over to J + J’s + wound up getting drunk there. Came home + didn’t even have dinner just went to bed. Dick said we’ll make the shelves ourselves. Rusty killed all J + J’s chickens.