Dick off to the house on Bonita at 6:15. I cleaned up the house a little. Leo called to say his battery had gone dead. Dick back for coffee. Gave me work address on 5 pennies Lane. Leo called again. Not battery – fuel pump I drove out to tell Dick + George. Went to Gloria Marshall’s. Only Evelyn Ryan there in the beginning. I like her. Bought a couple of paperbacks afterwards + some groceries. Home. Made pumpkin pie for Dick. Paid mortgage – $400 this [crossed out letter] month. Dick home in between working. Leon had called + I got all excited. Called + it was for an interview at 3:30 this afternoon for a cigarette commercial. No way I could make it looking right. My hair needs cutting + it was out of the question. I felt terribly depressed after. I’d like to work so much. The mail brought a letter from Newcomb that just killed me. Talking about my “reformed life” after the theatre etc. It was very poor timing + I was so upset I couldn’t see straight. Read a Leslie Ford detective story + took a heavy escapist nap. Dick raked the driveway. I started a letter to Daddy but found my depression creeping in so put it aside til tomorrow. Dinner, TV + then bed. After miltown + aspirin.