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Mather’s birthday and I don’t know where his address is. I don’t know where anything is + the house was a depressing mess today. Dick called up + needed the keys to Bonita so I drove over to his job more dead than alive. Then went to the Safeway for coffee. Read a very stark + moving Letter from Biafra – Two million Biafrans dead in two years and the world’s dis[crossed out letter] interest is monumental. Saw Roy Flueharty at the Safeway. Came home + read the Nat’l Geographic from cover to cover. Finally began on the dishes at 3:30 Dick home about 4. He’d looked at a new job today + was hoping to hear about it but never did. [crossed out words] I had a TV dinner + Dick had some very peculiar stuffed peppers he fixed. We watched Laugh In + then a quite good film called Counterpoint. Mayor Gragson called a curfew tonight – 7 pm to 6 am in the Northwest section of town. Largely black. There’d been some trouble yesterday + today.