Didn’t go to Gloria Marshall’s today. Called Julia Mullens + made plans to borrow money. Called Izzy + then called Julia back – got her secretary + asked her to have $1500 sent to the Bank of New York. Wendy here at 9:45 – We had coffee + chatted before getting down to work. I decided to tackle the trim on the doors in the back room. Only got one done + that took almost 2 hours. I went to the bank + cashed a check + deposited some money + then over to the Bonanza palace to get tickets for Oliver for Irene + the children + me tomorrow. Then I decided to get 4 for Wendy too. Had forgotten to mail my letters so Dick + I drove Wendy home + stopped at the Airport P.O. I’ve been constipated as hell so chewed several Feenament – their effect was colossal after dinner. We watched TV for a bit + Dick got suddenly restless – wanted to go out. I was willing when the show was over but by that time – only 15 minutes later the urge had passed + we went to bed. Just as glad.