Didn’t call Julia. called Izzy who was waiting to hear from Sanford. She said she’d call + let me know as soon as she did. Went to Gloria Marshall’s at ten today as Dick didn’t have to go to work early. Only a diving board standard to set up. I went on a new regime today – 20 minutes on the bike which are pretty excruciating. Have decided to follow the diet to the letter with maybe a glass of White wine from time to time to add spice. Dick home by the time I got back. Jerry Douzat came to scalp the lawn prior to putting in a winter lawn. He came in for a while after + had a beer. He’s an odd guy and a far cry from Ole Larsen. The mail brought a really beautiful book from Leon. A collection of prints edited by Steven Longstreet and with a really nice inscription to me [crossed out letter] in the front. Leon had put sheets of blue chip stamps every 3 or 4 pages! He really is too much.

Bed earlyish after nice steak dinner