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Hard to get up. Harder still I guess for Dick who wouldn’t go to sleep last night. After he left I went back to bed for an hour + then off to Gloria Marshall’s. Weighed a shade under 120. Their babysitter has left + I thought maybe Wendy might like the job. Don’t know what they pay but will find out. Chatted a bit with the Housework Ruth (there are 2 Ruths + I don’t know her last name.) I get measured tomorrow + feel [crossed out letters] trimmer. Will be interesting. Played a slot machine for a bit + then came home. Washed dishes, emptied garbage. Paid Phone Service. Called Phone Co. about a second bill. Did laundry. Called Wendy + muddled about. Joyce called after her 1:30 appt + she really liked him. Spoke with him for 2 hours + evidently there’s nothing wrong with her. Although he’s going to run a thyroid check. He said she’s gotten in a rut and is bored. She’s in complete agreement which is fascinating to me as I would never have thought that. He must be quite a guy. She + Jack came over a little after six for a drink + Jack put in the disposal. Dick fixed another leak today in the sprinkler system. We ate about 9 + then to bed where we watched a little TV Dick had had 2 bottles of “cold Duck” + one of burgundy + I had a little difficulty persuading him to go to bed but he finally did. Final income tax notice (“Before Seisure”) arrived today + Dick Thank God paid it off. We were both sound asleep when the phone rang + it was Carolyn Brown to say they hadn’t been able to get the oven fixed. I tossed + turned after that for at least an hour.