Called Irene early. We’re going to see Oliver on Saturday. Dick + George came by for coffee around 8:15 – I went to Gloria Marshall’s – played the Slot machine at Wonderworld + went home. Dick already home + working on the leaky valve. I paid the L.A. mortgage + sent money to Bill along with a bit more of a letter than I’ve written lately. Including Words of Wisdom – “A friend in a high place is a foot in your face.” – re Mullen + Bert Gore etc. We went out to get a new valve. No luck at Wonder World. Went to Kelley’s who sent us to Larkin’s (2nd time.) Dick found a washer the right size and for 10¢ [crossed out letters] he’s gotten the thing fixed. Lucky as the valve can’t be replaced. Home + naps – Went to Jerry + Carmina’s for dinner. Daughter Midge there. Very nice. Fattening food. Carmina a bit of a dum-dum (Dick’s words) Jerry such a dear guy. We went to the Awful club + played pool after. Then home. Nightcap + bed.