Hard to get up for both of us + after poor Dick took off I went back to bed briefly. Got to Gloria Marshall’s at 9. Was weighed today + was still 122 1/2 (or 1 lb over what I was when I weighed in!) Still I guess it could have been worse considering. Pat Robeson in about 9:20. She was measured + has lost 7 1/2 inches. Wow. I went over to the B’way + picked up my watch + also bought “Naked Came the Stranger” by Penelope Ashe (the hoax author by 14 journalists) and Lillian Helman’s memoirs. Went back to the Salon for Pat + we went + had some coffee together + talked. She’s a nice girl and it’s pleasant to meet somebody new. Really didn’t feel too glorious today – Came home + lay around. Read Naked Came the Stranger which is so awful it’s funny. Dick feeling pretty awful. We napped + suddenly the dogs were barking + there were Jerry (from Frank’s) + his wife Carmina. For a ghastly minute I was afraid we’d invited him to dinner but we hadn’t – they just dropped by to say Hello + see the house. Dick rushed out + bought another bottle of bourbon + they stayed til almost 9. I put our TV dinners in towards the end + as soon as they left we ate. Only trouble was we’d planned to be in bed by 9. Still we were both glad they’d come. We’re invited to dinner there Monday night. We watched the Bob Hope Special which I enjoyed + then the Flip Wilson special which was extremely funny – especially a sketch on the plane with him + Jonathan Winters both playing women. However I couldn’t last the full hour + fell asleep before it was over. I called Bill around noon + we had a long sad + funny talk together. I wish I could do something that would really help.