Dick off at 6:20 or so. I did a few windows inside wrote diary, made lists, made bed etc. Left at 8:30 + was way early. I guess it takes about 10 minutes maximum. Was measured + weighed (121 1/2 lbs) + told how lucky I was to be flabby, blah blah blah – Alot of very visual images – the fat from my fallen buttocks has “dripped” into my upper thighs etc. Tried the various machines – actually they’re alot more active than Slenderette or Pat Walker. Signed up after the introductory course + will try to go as often as possible – 3 or 4 times a week. As soon as there are a few results I’ll tell Dick. I went to Penny’s + bought a small utility ladder + then to Wonder World for a garbage can. Also saw the exact replica of my lost chest there. Dick had put some quarters in my bag last night and I played 2 $5 rolls in a couple of machines + kept winning. I left with $40.00 profit after paying for all purchases. Bought some grapefruit at Pantry pride. Home. Got rent check from Carolyn Brown. A morose letter from Timmy and a couple of bills went over accts – we’re in pretty good shape – read a little, did more windows – only the library + guest room + bath left to go. Did our car windows. Dick home at 3 or so. Had wrenched his back. I fixed stuffed peppers for dinner – we ate earlyish + were in bed by nine where we watched a little more TV. J + J called + Jack told Dick that Joyce has cirrhosis of the liver. I talked with Joyce + said I’d come by tomorrow about noon. No more booze, no salt, no nothing. It’s extremely depressing to think about because she’s had every warning in the world for a long time. She’s got an appt with a specialist on Friday.