A good day with bad beginnings – Dick had turned the transistor on at the dining room table and in the back bathroom it sounded like a dog fight and I thought that terrible pack had come back + gotten Humbug. I came screaming down the hall + scared Dick out of his wits. Surly would not approach describing his departure. I caught up on Diary and then went + measured the backroom for shelves. There will have to be a few minor adjustments as the ceiling is a few inches lower than Lookout Mt. I then went to work on the windows. Did all the Den windows – inside + out – and all but one of the living room windows – the glass man came + put in the shower doors. Dick had said last night to “forget the shower doors” but I decided it was because he was mad at them for not showing up yesterday. I was varnishing the bathroom door when Dick came back at 11 o’clock. He then went to work on extending the sprinkler system to the far front lawn. We went shopping at Safeway + then later at Wonder World where I got some extra fine steel wool and some linseed oil. Came back + started work on the old inlaid pie shaped table Mother had given me. What a beating its taken over the years – glass rings, cigarette burns etc. I figure that about half an hour a day for a week or so should put it in really good shape. We washed up + went to see “Midnight Cowboy” at the Guild Theatre at 5:30. Oh gee – What a good film – really stunning performances. Cried + cried Dick found the color a little headachey but really liked the movie. We went to the Holiday Inn after for dinner + froze to death in the flow of the air conditioning. Home at 9 – Bed + TV – I made an appt. this morning to go to Gloria Marshall’s figure Salon tomorrow at 9. Suppose it’s like Pat Walker’s. Anyway I need a little tightening up. Didn’t mention it and am not going to for a while.