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Alot of telephoning. Talked with Mary, Leon, Timmy and Val. Called Gas Co. about range + the oven. Man came + fixed one burner + told me he thought it was the shut off valve in the oven that was faulty. “Call Tappan Range Co.” I did. “Call Montgomery Ward.” I did. They’d send a man out Thursday. Paul came to pick up the bed + gave me $30. Paul a bit of a pain in the Ass with how exhausted he is + how confusing it is to move. Who does he think he’s telling?! I packed all the paperbacks which makes a good beginning and a nice dent in that room. Dick called early today and then called late when I got home from dinner at Timmy’s. I listened to some more of Timmy’s tapes + do think he’s doing a nice job. According to Timmy Peter hasn’t been too well. I’m sorry but really don’t feel its my affair. Carolyn Brown came over today + when she saw the wedding pictures I didn’t tear up (nice ones of family on the other side) she was all excited to see I’d been married to “Peter Ames” + called her Mother. I would have gotten rid of those pictures long ago if it hadn’t been that they were of a beautiful + happy day when Mother was alive. [crossed out letters]