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A little hungover. Saw Waan (formerly referred to as Juan!) He helped Dick fix the tiles on the roof. At least handed things up to him. I got up on the roof too. Not as bad as getting down! We had lunch + some wine with. Paul came by with keys to house. Told him we thought we might have a beer party next Saturday eve. Dick offered to sell him the double bed for $30.00. Paul left + we went right on drinking, wine gone so switched to Bourbon. Had planned to nap but barely caught an hour when Timmy called. We were late already! Picked him up + we went to Leon’s after getting our tail lights fixed – Policeman drew it to our attention + lucky lucky us we weren’t stopped. I was high as a kite. Haven’t done that daytime bit since Spring St. Fortunately I was very pleasant according to report “my three best friends.” Ugh! But I gather a good time was had by all. We took Timmy home + then went to the Grapevine to see Jo. She wasn’t there but we stayed a while + had more drinks. Bartender poured a drink down customer’s back by mistake. Highlight. Home. Tore up alot of my wedding pictures