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Up early. Dick still angry. I wrote a letter to Daddy. Dick left about 10 o’clock in foul humor. I told him before he left that I’d meet him at the house + also that I hadn’t said what he thought I did last night. I went to the house about 11 o’clock. Spent one whole hour trying to open an unopenable can of leg oil. Got the whole edge worked up but couldn’t do it. Dick got there about 12:15. First hour was just awful. Then after a while he began to thaw out a little – We painted the kitchen. I did the ceiling + over hangs in the kitchen. Dick spread glue + laid the vinyl tiles. It was all visible work + good for the morale. [crossed out letter] He hung a door too. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s had some wine coolers. We went to the Raven for dinner all covered with paint. Noisy party at next table. Home + bed.