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Busy day. Called Annie. She’d had fun last night with Cassie + Bill + Mom Michels + George (not Alma) Told me to send the charm to 66th St. Soon after I hung up Cassie called + said they’d had a good time. I spoke with Val + the lease papers are in the mail. Graysons called to sign Escrow papers at 3 at Bank of Nevada. I sent a dollar to top name on chain letter + sent copies of letter to Jamie, Jim Parker, Mary + Les, + George + Judy. I wrote Paul + then paid Mr. Mendoza, sent money to L.A. acct. paid some bills and sent photo plus brief note to Micheles. Mailed everything plus charm + bought some stamps. Dick home in time to go to bank with me. Then over to look at the house on Bonita. The tile in. Went to Paintin’ Place + bought some paint + glue for floor tiles. “Snicks” came to the house at 5 with record of By Jupiter. Dick fixed us wine coolers. Snicks left at 6:45 or so. We went to Louigi’s for dinner but no prime rib so over to Villa D’Este + then back to Louigi’s. Dick saw Mr. Warner about pool job. I played 21 at the 1 table there. Just me + the dealer. I lost $75.00. Then we went to the Castaways. Dick lost + won it all back so we left. Slight altercation about having a drink at the bar. Stopped at Frankie’s on the way home then went to the Red Rock but didn’t stop Home + a fight that didn’t get started as I went to bed. Dick said I was just like Laura as far as George was concerned + I said I wasn’t + did not say what he said I did.