Up at 6:00 just to say goodbye.  Dick home for a stolen moment at 8:30.  Off again at 9  I slept after fiishing “Midnight Cowboy.”  Woke at 11-called Irene to say I’d be late.  Made bed etc. bathed went to the bank + over to Irenes.  Pleasant visit.  Left at 2:30.  Went shopping at Safeway + over to Vegas Village for prints.  Not ready yet.  Put down deposit at Westward Ho for Liza + John.  Called Ethel’s knitting bar but the sweater not ready yet.  She’ll have it tomorrow.  Dick home + we went out + looked at a few houses.  Depressing as hell.  And my mood contagious.  Nice letter from Daddy + also from Bess.  WE took a npa.  Leon called + told me to call him back.  Secrets-called + a friend of his has made a fur cape for me which Leon is going to send.  All a bit confusing but quite exciting.  I fixed dinner except that it took forever + we didn’t eat til ten o’clock-outside on the patio.  However we talked alot in the waiting period over drinks + we’ve decided to buy land in Paradise Valley + build ourselves.  A relief to make the decision.  We went to bed about eleven.  Also talked about weight + I told Dick to ask Bentley.  He weight 169 or 15lbs over average and 29lbs over “ideal”-for his weight.  He had great resistance at first to the idea but then admitted in 1957 he weight 150lbs + could do anything + everything he doesn’t now + more.