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[continued from June 28th…] to have bedsores. Was sorry his work interfered with my “social life.” Maybe I just better get back to L.A. if my social life was so important. I didn’t have any interest in the house. I let the “dogs run our lives.” I let the flies in the kitchen because I cared more for them than him + I am “cold.” There was no let-up. An absolute tirade. I was sober + defenseless + still very angry. Much too angry to sleep. So I fixed myself a drink + Dick went in to watch TV. I asked him if that were so much better than having your nose buried in a book. I wanted to talk but Dick went to bed so I wrote out point by point answers to all the accusations in the meantime finishing off the bottle of bourbon we’d bought last Saturday. I got drunk + when I finished my notes I went + woke him up + made him read them which I don’t think he could. (especially the last few) + we got into a real tearing fight. I hit him + he threw his drink in my face – the ice cut my forehead but I wasn’t aware of that til much later. I went to bed/

I woke about 4 o’clock. Had my first hangover (real hangover) in a month. Splitting headache. Got up + made coffee + went back to bed. Dick home at 5:30. I was in bed. I was still angry but thank God Dick was in a conciliatory mood. Not that it was all over right a way. We went through the L.A. bit again. Also the people thinking he’d married me for my money. That’s what kills me! It makes me sound like some object. What about HER whose money SHE is married for. Has SHE no say? And Dick goes around telling everyone I’m loaded. He’s proud of it + then can’t understand when people say the things they do. He’s so damn naive about it + I’m in the middle.

Danny Henderson called about a pool. Dick + I went over to the Embers for our (Late) reconciliation dinner. Had a drink + wine + I drove home. Bed about 12:30 –