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Dick off early – I wrote Bill Wellborne with money. Talked about Leon. Packed Jessie’s books. Paid bills, sent pay check for “My 3 sons” ($139 out of $225!!) to Security First Nat’l. Sent commission to Leon. ($22.50 turning my net to $117!) Went to Post office + bought some groceries. Fixed Shepherds pie for lunch. Bob’s funeral at 2 o’clock. Lou Manchon called + said Dick told him [crossed out letters) I was interested in investing in the casino. That upset me but I told him I had no control over my money that it was all in trust. Lou asked us out to dinner tonight +, having stated my case, I was very pleased. He said he’d call us around 6 o’clock. The funeral was very small. The family all were behind a curtain. Odd. Jack + Joyce sat with us. Tony Carillo there looking very nice. After people filed up to view the body. I filed out instead. We (Dick + I + J + J) went to Frankie’s bar after + had several (4) drinks + played the slot machines. Then came home. Dick fixed another + I told him not to – mistake. I lay down + fell fast asleep. Woke up at 7:15. Dick gone. Lou had never called. Dick had left a note he was going to Rich Stanley’s to collect money. Note dated 6:45. I called Rich’s at 9:15. Dick gone for an hour + a half. I tried Frank’s + he was there. I told him I was going to the Fremont Hotel + that I was bored sitting around the house. I was furious. Took a cab to the Fremont. Got there at 10. Played 21. Lost but not alot. drank fresca + coffee. Dick appeared at 11:30 + said “we’ll discuss your being bored at home” + disappeared. That finished my evening. Took a cab home after looking for him every where. He came in 40 minutes after I did. Thoroughly drunk + very disagreeable. Told me I spent so much time lying down I ought (over) [continued…]