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Dick off early – a few minutes later the phone rang + it was Phil who’d been driving all night. Told him where the guys were working + how glad Dick would be. So am I. Caught up diary + ironed dresses. Went out in the yard + cleaned up all the dog crap + then picked up the foam rubber – “confetti factory” Threw out the old pad Lay down for a little and Seth called from New London. We made arrangements about the phone at Alaria – it will be in his name – + he told me there was a check for $540.00 on the way. Whee. Was all excited + started pottering around. Finally did take nap after reading Louis’ essay on Iago. Interesting. Dick home at 1:30. He took a nap and I went to the Bank + deposited insurance check, to a variety store and bought some wool, then to Grant’s + got a new lounge pad + a small rug to cover up the tear + a shoebrush for Dick. Then some stationery at Dana McKay’s. Mailed my contract to CBS. Went to Safeway for liver + groceries – then to panorama for some special ingredients and to play the machine. Home at 4:00 Dick asleep so I took tiny nap. Phone rang alot. The drywall is up on the ceilings in the house. Gene Wright called Dick + tried to interest him for 40 minutes in the plastic pool business. One day installation, etc. It had been tried in the 50’s by Anthony pools + didn’t work but my feeling is that Dick should investigate further before flatly saying no. Seems to me they’d sell like hot cakes – if they work + the improvements in plastics have been enormous. We got into an argument + I was rewarded with a splitting headache. The argument was short lived but the headache stayed all evening. We watched TV + went to bed about 10:30.