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Woke at 5:30 – then straight back to sleep. Up at 8:00. Went shopping. Farmer’s market for some “Blendy ‘ Buttons for Bill’s sweater. [crossed out letters] then to the May Co for a blouse for my striped suit. Called Western Airlines + changed Sat. flight to 1:30. Went to Safeway + bought some odds + ends for Leon’s kitchen. Worked on lines. Went with Leon to 20th Century for lunch. Saw Jimmy McHugh + Gene Reynolds. Came back + cashed a check. Went to the house + got 3 copies of my book and another of “Fit to be Tied” Left as Paul was coming back from the Dentist. House looked okay. Think I should move my books + maybe a painting or two out of the place. Also think we ought to build in Vegas. Bought some Bourbon + Vodka for Timmy. Back to Leon’s. Worked on lines again. Called Elizabeth + Lyle whose[crossed out letter] play opens tonight. Pippa Scott in it. Called Dick. Leon back at 6:30. My call for 11 am tomorrow. We went to Timmy’s + Leon left with the screenplay of the Poison Tree which he said he’s going to sell. It was a very funny good evening although I’d been dreading it. I think Leon might do Timmy an enormous amount of good. Back to the house, had another drink + then bed. The weather has been coolish, gray + mildly threatening since I’ve been here.

Leon has just within the last few weeks got a couple of good jobs going. Tom Drake + James Best. I hope this is just a beginning