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Oh my – up early. Called George (+ woke him) + have an appt. tomorrow am. Called Air West + cannot get into Burbank at an early enough hour. Called Western + made reservation on 7:20 flight to International. Called Hertz + made arrangements for car. Timmy changed his mind + decided to leave today at 2 o’clock. Called Sasha + cancelled their date. [crossed out word] I’d thought he might be hurt (Timmy) but everything seemed all right. + really it was such a relief to me. We went to Panorama + I won 5 $12.50 Jackpots in about 40 minutes. Gave quite a bit to Timmy. We left $30 richer + went to the Castaways. Sudden downpour including hail. Tried to call the house + no answer. It stopped however + we drove out to the airport. Had lunch at the coffee shop. More rain. Timmy’s flight suddenly changed to International + we had a ghastly few minutes. Finally saw him off at 2:45. – Went by Bonita + saw Dick who was putting up insulation. Went to Panorama + played a little more without luck. Bought some frozen dinners for while I’m gone + some dog food. Came home + heated some lamb – made an apple pie. Watched some TV and got my stuff together to take. Dick in a better mood – in fact by end of evening very pleasant. Called Leon to say I’d be in in the morning – Bed earlyish.