Up very early. Called Irene who’s off to L.A. today with the children. Told her to go to Pirates of the Caribbean when they go to Disneyland. Dick told Timmy to stay over + leave with me last night which I was a little annoyed at as I have alot to do. I went to the bank in the early morning + deposited some money from my N.Y. Acct. Came back to the house. Timmy’s friend didn’ t call. At noon he called him + made a date for 2:30. We went to Panorama to “feed the monster” – + then to the Castaways for lunch + to cash a check. Timmy liked it as it appealed to him by being comparatively quiet. He won a jackpot in the “Double Jackpot” period + that made his day. I played a little keno + won a little + lost a little. Absolutely even. I left Timmy at Sasha’s + went over to the house. Dick there. He’ in a [crossed out word] rotten mood lately + so am I because of it. I left in tears. Went to the East Charleston Safeway and Elliott gave me a lovely leg of lamb – boned it et al. Went to pick up Timmy + met Sasha + Ida who seem very pleasant. In the midst of fixing up their house. 3 huge tanks of lovely tropical fish. They invited Timmy to dinner tomorrow night + then to see the show at the Dunes. Will bring him home. Went back to the house + fixed the lamb + potatos + made eggplant casserole. Good dinner really. Bed almost immediately after. I tried George Spicer but won’t be in til late so said I’d call in the morning.