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Dick up + off to Jack + Joyce’s about 6:30. In exchange for stuccoing there Jack’s helping with the electricity. I couldn’t sleep so stayed up + worked on puzzle. A woman called mid-morning. Somebody Dick had asked to call about doing housework. Had seen her husband in Frank’s yesterday. I was annoyed as he could have told me. Told the woman he must have been drunk + we’d talk it over + let her know. George called. Dick not at the house. By that time he should have been. Told him he was at J + J’s. Getting smashed all over again. I called Daddy to wish him Happy Father’s Day. Nice chat – Timmy + I went to Panorama. did some shopping + fed the Machine. Then to Lums for lunch but I couldn’t find it so we went to Denny’s on the strip + then over to the Sahara where we spent the afternoon playing Keno + Timmy played the slots. I never won but never lost anything beside the price of the game. So it was a pleasant + inexpensive afternoon. Timmy was up about $5 when we left at 4:45!! (3 1/2 hours.) Dick in bed when we got home. Timmy fixed a pork curry + I did the cutting + chopping side of things. The he went out on the patio + read + I vacuumed + swept the house. Washed the kitchen floor + cleaned the bathroom. Woke Dick about 8:00. High wild wind. Sort of exciting. After very good dinner we watched a silly new show called “Hee Haw” + then Mission Impossible. I went to bed. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Dick told strange tale of a Mexican hitting him at the Valley Bar. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Timmy’s friend Sasha called this eve + we’re going over in the morning.