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Up very early. Wrote a letter for Dick about responsibility for a deck which has contracted + cracked – or something. After he left I called Jimmy. Spoke first with Hilary who asked if I’d been up all night + then Jimmy who asked the same! Hard to change the old image I guess. I called Leon + I guess I’ll stay with him. I did a large load of laundry + called Newcomb + Anne about the show tomorrow. Called Waller Lumber for Dick + Don’s Overhead doors. We listened to more of Timmy’s tapes Eva over early with cookies + then later with a map of the route to Mt. Charleston. But was in a rush to get off. Timmy + I went to Panorama Market “to feed the Monster” – Thence to Wonder World where we played a few more machines + then home. We started the puzzle. Difficult. Dick back about 4:30 or so. We all took short nap. Went to the El Cortez for dinner. Very good lobster – drinks 50¢ + dinner bill came to $9.58! I won $130.00 at Keno and Dick won $280.00 but before the evening was out we’d lost it all back. However no checks cashed. We should have left about 3 hours before we did but Dick wanted to stay. Home at 2:30. Timmy weary. Bed at 2:45 I called Lido to say I was on tomorrow night. (not at 2:45 but earlier.)