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Dick left without waking me today. I woke at [crossed out letter] 6:40 + no Dick. Started the day off badly for me which was odd. I called Colby to wish her Happy Birthday + we had a nice chat + then I called Chuck Neighbors about xeroxing (that’s his idea) + he told me they have a lighter xerox paper now so it’s fine by me. It’s going to cost under $200 for 3 copies and that’s just great. He said he’d been seeing Mary Parker + that she’d changed – become very aggressive etc. Not all for the good. “Needs a man.” It’s too bad because I don’t think she’ll find one this way. (I’m in complete agreement from the little I saw). I wrote a birthday card to Anthony with $10 and I wrote a letter to Moose. Paid the rent Called Belle Davis at Tropicana pools + asked her to have Dick call home. At about that point I bogged down. Spent the morning reading + finishing the Shirley Jackson books that Annie sent. Really good + very interesting on the subject of writing. Dolores Quinlan called which was really a lovely surprise. Was in town seeing a friend + will be back within a month or so. I asked her to call the yarn dept for me at the May Co. + check on that order to finish Bill’s sweater. All I need to do is sew up the facings + knit the collar. I finished the first of a 2nd pair of socks. Dick called around 2 + I told him how unhappy I was when I woke up + he was gone. I went to the P.O. + mailed letters + Moose’s pke. Then went to the Panorama mkt + put $10 more in the slot machine Came back + took a nap. Was asleep less than 20 minutes when Dick arrived with flowers. Lovely white roses. It’s the first time he ever brought anyone flowers!!! They’re just beautiful. He worked on some plans for Gene Wright + then took them over but Gene was gone. I had a diet dinner + fixed him some beef stroganoff. I’ve been pretty good on the diet now for [crossed out letter] 14 days + am down to 124. About 7 lbs from the beginning. 7 more to go. Liza called after dinner – will be driving through with Courtney in early July. There’s some trouble between her + John. He’s gone on the Wagon after beating her up while drunk. Liquor can be such a menace. With us it’s just a huge waste + source of verbal disagreement + that’s bad enough. But at least we’re getting along better + better.