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I slept late this morning + read more of my detective collection from Carl + Sue. I wrote Lyle + Timmy (with A.A.) + wrote in a copy of “Lion is Busy” for Blake Auchinchloss [Auchincloss]. Paid our gas bill + sent in 5 entrys to the “Surf” contest. Mary called. Talked over half an hour. She sounded sober but odd as hell. One wonders where the hell it will all end. I went to the post office + picked up my insured pkge. Turned out to be the Mss. of “Fit to Be Tied” from Bob Iverson. With a note saying he’d enjoyed it + that he + Marlie hope to be here sometime soon. Nice letter from Elizabeth today. I went to Vegas Village to look for a bathing suit for Bullhead city + that’s when my day turned Black. Couldn’t fit into a size 12! Not one. Bulged all over. I came home in despair after buying some metrecal. Dick laughed when I told him + that did it. He really isn’t any help on a diet. But this time I’m not going to expect any and I’m not going to chicken out. He had a drink immediately + then asked me to fix another for him + come talk to him. The Bullhead City plan has all changed again + it seems better if I don’t go. I felt just awfully about it having now gotten myself into really looking forward to it. On the positive side though I can diet as strenuously as I want to by myself. But it’s a hell of a bleak birthday prospect. Dick took a nap + I read. Then he went to the house. The Bldg permit this time had been burned. Jimmy Judge came to dinner + showed us his bookkeeping on the new business. Seems to be doing very well. I had Metrecal for dinner – We went to bed about 10:30. Dick up in the middle of the night. I’d gotten up too to go to the John + he was all upset about Barkis again “Hair everywhere” Blah Blah – “I wish you’d wise up + get rid of him.” That did it.