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Dick off early. I finished first sock + started the 2nd. Wrote Jessie a Birthday card with $10, paid the garbage bill + sent some money to the Nat’l Council for Negro Women. Then I wrote a long letter to Equitable Savings about my tax payments. Called Sheldon Andelson [Adelson] to clear it with him. I’d gotten a bit sniffy at the end + said if they wanted to cancel my loan to go ahead. He told me to revise that + “suggest” they look “further into the erroneous delinquency.” Suppose he’s right. Jim not up until after 12 not off until after one. He’ll have a slow long drive at that rate. I went to the post office + then over to the house. Jack + Joyce + George + Dick there. Large cooler of beer. I had a couple then Joyce + I went to a service station to pee + got some more. It went straight to my head as I hadn’t eaten + all I felt like was more + more + more. We came home. Dick called A.W. Hutson about the cooler + I talked with him about the chem. fertilizer. He sounds nice + will be in town soon. We went [crossed out word] some place to eat + then to the Fremont to gamble where I lost all. Back to the Raven bar. Drinking like it was going out of style. Dick hired a cab to take us home but I said it was too close + I walked halfway home. Then he picked me up in the VW. Came home + had a horrible horrible evening. Really unforgivable things said. Was glad the people next door had gone off for the weekend.

Letter from Annie – Fritz is going to produce “By Jupiter” here in Vegas + there’s a part I’d be right for (?) Musical version of Warrior’s Husband.